About Us

Created by Randi Miron, Spun Wool was born out of daydreams and doodles. From a young age, Randi spent her days sketching designs and making clothing for her dolls. After attending Seneca College in Toronto, and Istitudo di Moda Burgo in Milan, Italy she received her certification in fashion design as well as pattern making. With over 20 years of experience in design and consumer product development, Randi has knowledge of numerous commodities such as accessories, and women's/men's/children's wear.

Rarely influenced by trends, Randi's inspiration for Spun Wool is driven by the femininity that women exude, past and present. While living abroad in France, Randi's experience with the French culture plays a major influence in her designs for Spun Wool . The exquisite ambiance of Paris and the French countryside, with it's vast collection of museums, hidden architectural gems, and colourful entertainment, inspiration is plentiful.  A glass of bubbly, homemade macaroons, cabaret glamour and a veritable treasure chest of beautiful accessories provide the prelude to the ultimate woman's wardrobe.